Nov. 17th, 2016

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An executive order signed by Obama while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State allows trans* folks to get US passports with their correct (consonant) gender, without having had to undergo surgical interventions (and possibly medical interventions? I'm not personally clear on that).

There's a Twitter storify about how to get this done. It's here:

The important thing to take note of is that since the ease of change was effected by executive order, it's vulnerable to be overturned by another executive order--which might could happen after Jan. 20. (Trump's threatened to rescind all Obama's executive orders).

A passport is a universally accepted form of state identification. As I'm not a driver, I use mine for everything from boarding airplanes to buying beer. It is valid in all 50 states and internationally. It will usually suffice in place of a birth certificate (as proof of citizenship).

Getting a new passport or changing one's passport costs money ($135). If you need to change yours and you can't afford to, I'd be willing to help. There are also resources in the thread on Twitter; I just thought I'd take some of the financial burden off those who are making the offer, since right now I have the means to help a few people directly.

I'm posting this publicly, so if you want to direct friends/loved ones to this information (or to me), go ahead.


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