Jan. 12th, 2017

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My field trip made me cranky

Since I remember I can do it, why not post twice in a day?

At my last visit, my surgeon suggested I get some high-top sneakers for the purpose of "weaning off the orthosis." So I went on zappos.com and bought a pair of high-tops. They were cute and provided good ankle support. But they weren't wide enough, not by a long shot. They were okay to wear for an hour of PT, but the 3-4 hours/day my physical therapist suggested I wear them (at work, because flat linoleum surfaces) left my feet feeling really squished and achy. Not good--especially since diabetes means it can cause more damage than it would most people.

I decided that to fix this problem, I would make a field trip to Manhattan to Eneslow. Mind, I've been making weekly trips to Manhattan whenever choir meets. But I decided that, since I had been on the subway at off-peak times twice this week, I'd try taking the subway.

Well. I missed a subway at about 2:45 because I was slow (and waiting for elevators and the like). But whatever. The F train had lots of seats, and I took it to Broadway-Lafayette to change for the 6.

The 6 train was, of course, crowded. Some jerk knocked my arm off the pole as he got on and then had the temerity to claim he hadn't touched me when I told him he'd been rude, especially since I'm using a cane.

Nobody on the 6 offered me a seat. At all. Everyone avoided looking at me.

The 33rd St station has neither elevators nor escalators, but I was expecting that. And at least nobody showed exasperation at my slowness on the stairs.

After I'd bought new sneakers (the most expensive shoes I've ever owned, I think), I decided to hail a cab home. It takes a minute, but a cab sees me and turns on its "available" light. Except there's a woman in it. But she gets out. Other cabs pass, but I've made the fabled "eye contract" with this one. So eventually I get in, tell the cabbie where I'm going.

"Oh miss, I'm at the end of my shift, I can't go to Brooklyn."

"You have to if you've let me in the cab; you can't refuse to take me to Brooklyn." This is actually a law in NYC.

"My shift is over at 4, and i have to get the car back by 4:30--there's no way I can get to Brooklyn and back in time."

It was 4:11pm. His shift had already ended, but he'd put on the "Available" light.

"If you can't take a person where they need to go, you shouldn't let them in your car."

"Well, but--"

"No. Fuck off. I missed other cars because you had your light on." I got out of the car. I should have gotten his hack license number, but was too flustered to think of it.

The next cab that picked me up took me to Brooklyn, but both needed directions and didn't want to listen to my directions. It blows my mind.

At least my new sneakers are cute.

my new kicks

(They're an H-width, and high-tops are not as popular as they once were, so there was only one model in my size--three color choices--all $358 after taxes.)


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