Jun. 17th, 2017

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Well. I have just modified my flight to Houston on Wednesday to fill it with accommodations. Who knew that there was a standard for accommodating peanut allergies? I didn't, until I decided to take a Friend's advice and book myself a wheelchair.

The wheelchair. It's...strategic? I mean, I need my cane for uneven terrain, but I mostly can walk around for the long distances airports require (though it might tire me out, which is why the Friend in question suggested it). But. I can't take off my shoes easily. My balance is okay, but not so good as to make it workable to take my shoes off to go through a metal detector (which would, you know, go off because of the metal in my ankle now). They mostly don't have benches for removal of shoes at airports despite having benches for re-shodding. And I am still having enough pain/swelling that I need to wear my high tops when leaving my house, so.

The reason I'm going to Houston is for the annual conference of the Association for Professional Chaplains. Looking ahead, I'm wondering why I thought the first flight to Houston on Wednesday was a good idea (it probably had to do with peanuts). I don't have any workshops to attend until Thursday morning and there's not much going on Wednesday. I need to call the hotel tomorrow and see about whether I can get an early check-in. Or if they can at least hold onto my suitcase while I hang out somewhere?

(I don't stay in hotels much.)

I just looked at the events. It looks like I'll have all of Wednesday free. Which I suppose means I'll have time to go for a swim, maybe get a massage, maybe write some...and go to mid-week Meeting for Worship at Live Oak Friends Meeting. It looks like they've got worship-sharing at 7 and open worship at 8.

I just...am feeling really insecure. Like I booked this conference without really understanding the logistics of what was going to happen. And...it is a good idea to get there the day before the conference begins because there's no way I could have managed the stress otherwise. Or made the first professional intensive I wanted to attend (which starts at 8:20 on Thursday, on Meditation as a Chaplaincy Intervention). But a whole day of nothing much to do? I hope the folks at the registration table can help me meet folks! Because there's something about being at a conference that makes me feel anxious both about being with new people and about being alone.


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