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Hi, folks. So you've found my livejournal page, or perhaps you've added me as a friend and are wondering what I'm all about, and why this journal is locked down when you've already read a fair bit of my writing (*cough* fanfiction *cough*) with my name on it elsewhere.

This is my personal journal. It is where I keep in touch with far-flung friends (close-flung friends, too). I also use it to post stupid memes, whine a lot, process (usually to filtered groups), rant about political and social injustices, whinge about how slow my writing process is, and post information about upcoming concerts I or my siblings are in. I sometimes write about my jobs.

If you are looking for the fanfic-y goodness, feel free to pop on over to [ profile] songquake_fic, which is pretty much all-public.

If you are looking for what I was thinking about theology in 2006 and 2007, you can add [ profile] songquakebuilds to your friends list, and PM me to let me know to add you to that journal (it's almost entirely f-locked, as it was the support journal for my Masters' thesis, and I wasn't sure whether I'd ever want to publish any of it).

But if you're interested in reading pure, unadulterated, neurotic as hell me, then [ profile] songquake is the place for you.

NOTE: I will not add you back unless I know who you are. So comment or PM me and introduce yourself if you don't think I know you by your LJ username, or we haven't had a conversation in somebody/somecommunity's comments. And really, since this journal is now Friends-Only, there's really no point in friending [ profile] songquake without introducing yourself.

Also, I request that readers of this journal refrain from using the feature LiveJournal has allowing your comments to be cross-posted to services such as FaceBook and Twitter. Consider this a room in which what is said here, stays here.

After getting a series of spam comments, I am now not only logging IP addresses
but employing CAPTCHA technology for anonymous commenters.

I dislike doing this, and hope that people will continue to participate in
discussions here. But random ads that are in languages I don't read aren't cool.
In fact, advertisements aren't cool at all; that's why I spent the big bucks
to get a permanent account.

IP address logging and CAPTCHA only apply to anonymous commenters.
If you're willing to own your words, then I won't hassle you
or invade your privacy.

Love, [ profile] songquake
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