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My chorus is doing a concert at Merkin Hall (near Lincoln Center) the evening of Tuesday, March 10. We are performing contemporary settings of Irish folk songs and texts, including some that were arranged/set just for us by members of our chorus.

We are also performing two pieces by Mohammed Fairouz, a young composer we've worked with before. One is his cantata Anything Can Happen, which is a setting of poems by Seamus Heaney. The other is a brand new piece. He actually approached us to be the group to perform this before he started writing it in earnest. It seems to be a setting of WB Yeats's "Second Coming," though he'd actually approached us initially about doing another setting of Heaney's work.

Anyway, tickets are on sale at the Merkin Hall website:
Lightning Illuminates.
Tuesday, March 10, 2015
Merkin Hall/The Kaufman Center
New York City

For those who like choral music but are sick of religious music and going to concerts in churches, this is an opportunity to hear my professional-level volunteer chorus perform secular music in a secular setting :)

I say that, but Anything Can Happen is modern apocalyptic, and uses texts from the Arabic Injeel (the equivalent of the New Testament). But it's not as unrelentingly Christian as our December concert is--Heaney's apocalyptic vision is non-religious (melting glaciers, toppling towers) and descriptive rather than explanatory. The first movement, "In Iowa," can be heard on YouTube here.

Also featured are settings of "Danny Boy," "What Shall We Do With a Drunken Sailor?" and "A Pub With No Beer." The last of these I think may be YNYC's new signature song.
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