Apr. 6th, 2011

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I'd had a thought I wanted to post, but it seems that LiveJournal is down again—most likely, I think, from another DDoS attack (though status.livejournal.com reports something like "experiencing a heavy load right now," which I think is a ridiculous reason for the site to be down). Stupid hackers.

In any event, this has triggered me to finally use the DW code [personal profile] elainegrey  gave me...2 years ago, now? And now that I've done the minimal page set-up, I find I don't remember what I wanted to post about in the first place!

Things/thinks I need to post about soon (this is largely a placeholder):
- Choir escapades
- Clinical Pastoral Education mid-unit evaluations
- State of my health
- The horrible state of my writing assignment list.

Things I need to spend my time writing instead:
- Library guidelines for choir
- Application for CPE residency (1 more essay plus cover letters)
- Theological Reflection Paper on suffering
- Oh, yeah—all that fanfiction that is either overdue or soon-to-be-overdue.
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Hi, peeps. I created a new dreamwidth account very early this morning because I was annoyed by the frequent DDoS attacks at LiveJournal. I'll probably be continuing to post at DW but participating in communities at LJ. Right now it seems like the least frustrating way to remain connected.

Feel free to friend me over at DW (or, er, here at DW); I'll likely reciprocate. I'm leaving access open at DW for the time being, at least until the spambots discover it the way they discovered my LJ account.


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